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According to the study, sixty-nine percent of drivers in the United States, ages , reported that they had talked on their cell phone while driving within the last thirty days. Additionally, within that same demographic, thirty-one percent of U. Younger, inexperienced drivers under the age of 20 may be at a higher risk; they garner the highest proportion of distraction-related fatal crashes.

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The National Safety Council reports that at least 23 percent of all traffic crashes, or at least 1. This number can be broken down to an estimated 1. Analyzing this data shows that cell phone conversations are involved in 12 times as many crashes as texting. This seems to dispel the common myth that a texting driver is the more commonly dangerous cell phone activity.

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Additionally, and maybe surprisingly to some, it is not just our drivers causing dangerous situations on the roadways. Many times, pedestrians entranced with their cell phones are just as dangerous as drivers using them. A study published in Injury Prevention in reflects that one in three pedestrians is distracted by a mobile device while crossing busy streets.

This type of distraction leads to accidents that injure both pedestrians and drivers.

Cell phones are dangerous - Assignment Example

Germs and Cell Phones Cell phones not only carry important data, but nasty germs also. The greasy, oily residue you usually see on your cell phone after a week, or only a day, of use can often contain more disease-laden germs than those found on a toilet seat. These fecal deposits find their way on to the handsets often because their owners did not wash their hands with soap and water after using the toilet. Some of the phones were found to harbor E. If this bacterium is transferred into the mouth and ingested into the body, it can cause fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.

In another recent study, students in an Environmental Health course at South University, Columbia sought to find out what germs live on cell phones. After swabbing a sample of 60 phones belonging to students, they found that phones were frequently contaminated with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus MRSA.

The advantages and the disadvantages of mobile phones

According to Dr. Robert J. Also there is a responsibility that is mutually present and shared amongst all those individuals who come out on the road and drive. However, most modern day drivers have developed dangerous habits that tend to jeopardize lives and properties Strong Essays words 1.

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This means that the eyes of the newly born mice are becoming softer and less protective. This can be dangerous because the eye needs to be protected because it has many important fibers inside and seeing is an important part of life. Not only does the use of cell phones affect protein structures, but there is a possibility that they can also cause salivary gland tumors, impact male fertility, and cause leukemia Gandhi Millions of people use them for either personal or business. Cell phones started out with Motorola first and now have many carriers that provides cell phone service.

No, cell phones don't cause cancer

Cell phones are great to have but not using them correctly could be dangerous Free Essays words 1. Technology is that wonderful thing that brings comfort and convenience to our lives. But, with that comfort and convenience, there often comes a price; and the technology of the cell phone proves no exception. Arguably, as a communication tool, the cell phone has no equal in how it has changed and affected our lives. Mostly, the effect has been positive in many ways It is used over a cellular network of specialized base stations.

It differs from cordless telephones, which offers telephony service only within a limited range i. As the time passes it offers more and more advance features.

What are the Sources of Potential Danger from Mobile Phones?

A society is a social, economical or industrial infrastructure, made up of collection of individuals. Additionally, phone ringing or even something as short as a notification can lead to loss of focus on the road, which in term may result in a dangerous accident. Mobile phones are a known source of bacteria. Even if a person is cleaning the phone regularly, it is still known to be very harmful when a person lets it touch their face. According to one research, the phone has 10 times the bacteria amount commonly found on a toilet seat. The mobile phone is the most important method of communication today, which makes it inevitable and inseparable part of our lives.

Nearly every person in the world has a mobile phone at this moment, using the many advantages this technology provides us. However, learning the negative effects of phones is an extremely important thing, especially when it comes to students. Being addicted to the mobile phone can lead to some serious health, social, psychological, hygiene and even life-threatening problems. Therefore, it is crucial for every student to understand that, even though phones are the trait of the 20th century, they can be very damaging to people if used too much. Your e-mail address will not be published.

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